Advanced Pickleball strategy (double & Single )

I’ve played Pickleball for a long time and I’ve noticed that it’s possible to beat most players. This may sound impossible, but it’s not. So in this article, we’ll cover some advanced Pickleball strategies & tips that can get you winning more often.

11 Pickleball Advance Strategy & Tips To Improve Pickleball Skill

(1): Serve deep (Advanced Pickleball strategy)

Serve deep is the best way to make it hard for your opponent to return. It’s also a good strategy if you want to make it harder for them to hit a kill shot or lob shot.

(2) Serve short (Advanced Pickleball strategy)

Serve short to the left side of the court.

This is a great serve because you can use it to get your opponents off-balance and make them move around, which will help you control their shots. You should also be careful not to overdo this serve, as it’s easy for your opponent to hit a backhand crosscourt shot if they’re not expecting it from you.

(3) Serve to the middle (Advanced Pickleball strategy)

Serve in the middle of the court.

The service is a key part of the Pickleball strategy, and it can help you get rid of your opponent’s ball or put pressure on them to return it. Serves are often used when there is no open space in front of you or around you, so make sure that when you serve, there is something in front of where they will be returning their ball so they don’t have an easy time returning it back into play if they choose not too (for example: if both players are on opposite sides).

If there isn’t anything nearby, then try serving off-center so that when someone returns their shot off-center (which happens often), at least half their shot will still be traveling forward towards where you’re standing instead of back towards where they started

(4) Plan your next shot (Advanced Pickleball strategy)

Know what you are going to do. When the ball is in play and has been hit, it’s important to have a plan for each shot. This can be as simple as hitting this string or more complex as hitting this string and then moving forward to make sure that I don’t miss my next shot.

Know where your opponent will be when they return the ball from their hit (or perhaps even before).

If they return it hard, then try moving toward them so that you can take advantage of your opponent’s return speed if they miss an easy shot you’ll hopefully get another chance at winning! If they return it softly or slowly, maybe try moving away from them so that if they do make contact with the ball again then its bounce will land right into your path instead of theirs this way if both players are lucky enough not only does one get possession but also gets first strike which means no matter what happens next point difference doesn’t matter anymore since both players are tied together after two points each was scored off each other’s shots.

(5) Be patient (Advanced Pickleball strategy)

The best way to get yourself in position for a great shot is to wait for the right opportunity. If you rush your shots, or try and force them when they aren’t there, then you’ll miss out on some great opportunities that come along later in the game.

Instead of trying to take a shot that isn’t available yet, play defense and wait until there’s another good option available before taking the ball back over your head again.

(6) Aim for the weakest player on the other team

The most important thing to remember when playing pickleball is that you’re not trying to beat the other team. You are trying to beat the weakest player on the other team.

If you can beat one of their players, then they will have a much harder time scoring points because they will have less than half of their best players available. If you can get through that one person and make it hard for them to score, then chances are good that your other players won’t be able to make it easy either!

(7) Follow up with a strong second shot

Try to hit the ball hard and deep, especially if you’re playing away from your opponent. This will help prevent them from getting a return volley in on you, which could lead to an easy point for them if they manage to get it back on your side of the court.

(8) Establish a game plan before the match even starts.

  • Know your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Determine what type of game you want to play.
  • Know the court you’re playing on, especially if it’s a new one for both teams or just one team (in which case, you’ll want to be familiar with that court).
  • Determine weather conditions like wind speed and direction, humidity level, and temperature differences between indoors and outdoors these can change how people feel about playing pickleball later in the day/night!
  • Consider time zones so that players aren’t competing against each other before they’ve had enough rest (or food).

(9) Take control of the court.

The most effective way to take control of the court is by being aggressive. You can do this by making your opponents cover the court, forcing them to move around, and making them make mistakes.

The first thing you should do is take advantage of your opponent’s weakness if they’re not ready for a spike or a drop shot then hit it! When you’re playing Pickleball at an advanced level, you’ll need all three tools in order to win power, finesse, and placement (or surprise).

This means that sometimes having one tool isn’t enough sometimes it’d be better if there was more than one type of shot available at any given moment during playtime (which makes sense when considering how different people learn differently).

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(10) Make your opponents cover the court

  • Be aware of where your opponents are.
  • Make them cover the court.
  • Make them run.
  • Make them work hard to get a ball that you want to hit, but don’t hit it yet because there’s another opponent who needs to be beaten first!

(11) If you know what you’re doing, you can beat most Pickleball players in a few matches or less.

You need to know your strengths and weaknesses. In order to play well against an opponent who has different strengths than yourself, it’s important that they don’t have any obvious advantages over yours (because if they do, then the match will be over quickly).

For example: if someone is good with their forehand, but not so good with their backhand, then playing them means that whenever the ball is hit off their forehand side (their stronger side), they’ll make lots of contact with the ball and it won’t go anywhere near where I want it so, we’ll lose every time! On the other hand, if my opponent has a weakness like this too, then there are ways around his/her problem through strategy so even though it may take longer than usual at first because we both need practice time before finding each other out again eventually, after enough repetitions things start working out nicely enough that there isn’t much difference between us anymore except maybe ten percent more strokes per game due mostly due having more practice time together than without


We hope this guide has helped you get started on the path to becoming a pickleball master. As always, we recommend that you practice regularly and watch some videos before going out and competing with others. You will be surprised at how much better your skills can get if you put in some time each day!

What is a 4.0 Pickleball player?

A 4.0 Pickleball player is someone who plays with passion and enthusiasm and has the ability to teach others how to play the game well. They are also good role models for other players because of their positive attitude toward the sport.

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