Best 4.5 Grip Pickleball Paddles in 2023

Are you looking for the edge you need to take your pickleball game to the next level? The 4.5 grip paddles have been designed to provide players with optimum control and power over their shots.

The 4.5 grip paddles are designed with a larger handle circumference and a smaller head size for more control on every shot. The enlarged surface also allows for greater spin potential, so that precision accuracy and spin can be combined with powerful shots.

These paddles also feature a special heat treatment process that heightens the sensitivity of the paddle’s surface and provides maximum ball feel, giving players a better understanding of how the ball is interacting with the paddle.

Whether you’re an amateur or competitive player, get ready to take your game to the next level with 4.5 grip paddles!

Here Are the TOP 3 Best 4.5 Grip Pickleball Paddles:

Best 4.5 Grip Pickleball Paddles: Selkirk Amped

Best 4.5 Grip Pickleball Paddles in 2023

A 4.5 grip paddle is one of the most popular sizes and for good reason. Not only does it provide you with the largest area for hitting, but it also gives you the most control. With a 4.5-grip paddle, your shots are more accurate and easier to control.

The Selkirk Amped Pickleball Paddle is a great example of a fiberglass pickleball paddle with a 4.5 grip size. Its lightweight construction and standard-sized head make it easy to maneuver, while its fiberglass face provides extra pop and power. Plus, the added grip zone helps you maximize spin when needed resulting in better control and precision on your shots.

A 4.5-grip pickleball paddle is ideal for improving your game because it’s larger than other grips and also offers superior control over your shots all while giving you an edge on the court that other paddles can’t match.

Best 4.5 Grip Pickleball Paddles: ONIX Graphite Z5

Best 4.5 Grip Pickleball Paddles in 2023

ONIX Graphite Z5 Graphite Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddles are engineered to give you the edge you need for pickleball. Thanks to their 4.5″ grip and precise weight, you can maximize your power and accuracy with every serve and return.

These paddles feature an impressive graphite carbon fiber surface that helps generate intense spin and power. The smart distributed weighting technology ensures a balanced paddle so that you can stay agile on the court. Plus, the wide-body design of the paddle helps increase ball control through a larger sweet spot for more efficient action.

For pickleball players of all skill levels, ONIX Graphite Z5 Graphite Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddles will help you take your game to the next level while giving you an edge on the court.

Best 4.5 Grip Pickleball Paddles: PCKL Launch Series

Best 4.5 Grip Pickleball Paddles in 2023

The PCKL Launch Series Premium Pickleball Paddle Racket is designed for the advanced player and tournament competitor. The unique 4.5 grip allows for increased control while hitting powerful shots, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition. This racket features a lightweight yet powerful Nomex composite core and a texturized graphite face, providing maximum power and spin control. The ergonomic design keeps your wrist in line with the paddle and is incredibly comfortable, even during long sets or matches. With this racket, you have full control of your game and can hit shots with speed and accuracy.

The PCKL Launch Series also features a variety of customization options, allowing you to adjust the balance, weight, or grip size to better suit your style of play. These options are perfect for all levels of players, from beginners to advanced competitors looking for a competitive edge on the court. The 4.5 grip provides players with an enhanced sense of comfort and control, helping them take their game to the next level.

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Key Features to Consider When Choosing a 4.5 Grip Pickleball Paddle

When you are in the market for the best 4.5-grip pickleball paddle, there are several key features to consider. Let’s take a look at the most essential ones:


For players that prefer to control their shots and play defensively, lightweight paddles are great choices. On the other hand, those who love playing aggressively and delivering powerful smashes may want a heavier paddle. With 4.5 grip paddles, you can choose between weights that range from 6 ounces to 8 ounces to find the perfect balance between control and power.


The material your paddle is made of also affects its performance. Fiberglass paddles have increased surface tension which gives them more power, as opposed to graphite or composite paddles which provide more spin and greater control.

Balance Point or Sweet Spot

Where the racket is balanced is known as its balance point or sweet spot; it is located right in the center of the handle and this is where most of your power comes from when hitting each shot. 4.5 grip paddles typically offer great balance points for enhanced performance.

Handle Length and Shape

4.5 grip pickleball paddles come with either standard or elongated handles; standard handles are shorter and are best for players with smaller hands. Elongated handles offer more reach but can be unruly for those with smaller hands due to their lengthier design. The shape of the handle also matters straight handles give you more leverage while contoured handles provide better ergonomics for improved comfort during long matches!

Why Choose a 4.5 Grip Pickleball Paddle?

Choosing a 4.5-grip pickleball paddle provides numerous advantages over traditional paddles. Here’s why your pickleball game will benefit from a 4.5 grip paddle:

Power and Spin

The larger handle of the 4.5 grip paddle gives you better control parameters, allowing for more power and spin on your shots. This can be invaluable when playing a hard-hitting style of pickleball.

Lighter Weight

A smaller handle means a lighter overall weight, which benefits players who prefer to stay nimble on the court. Being able to move quickly is key if you want to stay ahead of the opposition.


The 4.5 grip also allows for a range of comfortable hand positions for precision shots, so you can rest assured you won’t get fatigued during longer rallies or tournament play.

By opting for a 4.5-grip pickleball paddle, you can match the playing style that suits your strengths and take your game to the next level!

Benefits and Drawbacks of a 4.5 Grip Pickleball Paddle

If you are looking for an edge when playing pickleball, the 4.5-grip paddle may be just the thing you need. This grip tape is slightly thicker than a standard handle, giving players increased control and better accuracy when hitting the ball.

A 4.5 grip paddle also offers some distinct advantages:

Benefits of 4.5 Grip Paddles

  • The thicker grip enhances players’ control over the paddle, enabling them to put more spin on the ball and direct it more accurately.
  • The additional padding helps reduce strain on the hand and wrist, allowing players to play longer without feeling fatigued.
  • By providing more control over shots and shots direction, a 4.5-grip paddle helps improve your game overall.

Drawbacks of 4.5 Grip Paddles

  • Since a thick handle means less room for fingers, some players may find it difficult to get a comfortable grip on the paddle in comparison to thinner handles on other paddles.
  • Players with small hands may find that a 4.5-grip paddle is too big for them to comfortably hold and maneuver when playing pickleball.

While there are some drawbacks to opting for an oversized handle like those found on a 4.5-grip paddle, most players find that these paddles offer enough benefits that make up for any slight inconvenience caused by the thicker handle size.

Tips for Maintaining Your 4.5 Grip Pickleball Paddle

To get the most out of your 4.5 grip pickleball paddle, make sure to take care of it properly. Here are a few tips to help you keep it in top condition:

  1. Store your paddle in a dry place away from direct sunlight and heat. This will help prevent warping and damage to the paddle itself.
  2. Clean your paddle after every use with a damp cloth or sponge and mild soap.
  3. Take care to avoid dropping or banging your paddle against hard surfaces, as this could cause damage or reduce grip on the handle.
  4. Replace your grip regularly as needed – usually around every three months – to ensure maximum playability and control over your game.
  5. Have a pro-shop check and maintain paddles annually, as they can often spot problems before they become too big of an issue.

Following these steps will help ensure that you get the most out of your 4.5-grip pickleball paddle for years to come!

Final Words

With the 4.5-grip paddle, you now have the edge you need to take your pickleball game to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pickleball player, the 4.5-grip paddle provides the power, control, and maneuverability necessary to outplay your opponents. Not only does it offer superior performance, but the 4.5 grip paddle is also available in a variety of sizes to suit any player. So don’t wait any longer invest in the 4.5 grip paddle and give yourself the edge you need to win.

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