Discover What Pickleball Paddles the Pros Use: Top Choices!

If you’re an aspiring pickleball player, you might wonder what pickleball paddles the pros use to achieve their impressive performances on the court. Professional players rely on top-quality equipment to help them make the most difficult shots accurately and effortlessly.

In this article, we will explore the pickleball paddles favored by the pros, which features make them ideal for pro-level play, and how you can choose the right paddle for your game.

If you’re serious about joining the ranks of professional pickleball players, you need to have the right gear. The paddle you choose can have a significant impact on your performance, and selecting the best one can be a daunting task with so many options available on the market. However, if you aim to play like the pros, you need to use the same equipment they do.

Why Choose Pickleball Paddles Used by Pros?

When it comes to buying the best pickleball paddles, it’s essential to consider professional pickleball equipment. Professional players use the best of the best equipment, and the same principle applies to pickleball paddles. Here are some reasons why you should choose pickleball paddles used by pros:

  1. Performance Benefits:Professional pickleball players use paddles that maximize their performance on the court. These paddles are designed to provide the perfect balance between power, control, and maneuverability, making it easier to hit those winning shots.
  2. Proven Choices:Pickleball paddles favored by pro players have undergone rigorous testing and have been proven to deliver exceptional results. These paddles have been tried and tested, making them reliable choices for players of all skill levels.
  3. Quality and Durability:Professional pickleball paddles are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use. These paddles are built to last and provide consistent performance over time.
  4. Expert Engineering:Pickleball paddle manufacturers that produce equipment for professional players invest heavily in research and development. These companies focus on creating paddles with the latest technological advancements, ensuring that players have access to the best equipment for their game.

A wise investment in your game is a pickleball paddle used by pros. By selecting the right paddle, you can improve your performance on the court, enhance your skills, and take your game to the next level.

Top Pickleball Paddle Brands Favored by Pros

Professional pickleball players know that their equipment can make a significant difference in their performance on the court. There are several pickleball paddle brands trusted by the pros that stand out above the rest. These brands have gained a reputation for their innovation, quality, and durability.

Brand NameOverview
EngageEngage is a top-rated brand among professional players for its solid construction, diverse models, and paddle-face technology that reduces vibration and enhances ball contact.
PaddletekPaddletek paddles are widely used by pros due to their excellent balance, power, and control. They feature a unique polymer core and carbon fiber construction that delivers consistent performance and durability.
PrincePrince is renowned for its high-quality pickleball paddles designed with cutting-edge technology. Their paddles often feature customizable weight and grip, providing players with optimal ball control and maneuverability.
GearboxGearbox paddles have gained popularity among professional players for their precision, power, and solid build. These paddles feature a unique Carbon Fiber Weave face that enhances spin and ball control.
OnixOnix is a trusted brand among pro players for its top-notch paddle design and construction. Their paddles are known for their exceptional ball control and stability, thanks to their advanced core materials and superior grip technology.

Overall, these brands are well-regarded by professional players and known for their commitment to providing high-quality equipment. If you are an aspiring pro player looking to invest in professional pickleball gear, these brands are an excellent place to start your search.

Characteristics of Pro-Level Pickleball Paddles

Professional players demand high-quality equipment that can endure rigorous play and offer unrivaled performance. Here are some of the characteristics that make pickleball paddles ideal for pro-level play:

Paddle MaterialThe majority of pro-level paddles are made of lightweight composite materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, or graphite. These materials offer a balance of strength, rigidity, and flexibility, resulting in enhanced precision and control for the player.
WeightProfessional paddles often weigh between 7.3 to 8.5 ounces, providing the player with a comfortable balance between control and power. A lighter paddle can provide faster swing speed for better maneuverability, while a heavier paddle can generate more power and stability.
GripThe grip of a paddle is crucial for maintaining control and preventing slippage during play. Professional paddles often feature sweat-absorbent and cushioned grips, providing comfort and traction for the player.
Surface TextureThe surface texture of the paddle affects the amount of spin a player can put on the ball. Pro-level paddles often have a rougher surface texture, allowing more spin and control over the ball’s trajectory.

Having a paddle that meets these characteristics can elevate the players’ game, allowing for better control, power, and overall performance.

Key Features to Look for in Pro-Level Pickleball Paddles

If you’re looking to up your game with the right pickleball paddle, there are some essential features to consider. These key features can contribute to enhanced performance and help you make the most of your game.

Paddle Shape

The shape of your pickleball paddle can affect the balance, surface area, and sweet spot. A wider paddle face typically gives you a larger sweet spot, while a narrower face offers more maneuverability.

Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is the area on the paddle face that offers the most power and control. For pro-level play, paddles with larger sweet spots are preferred, allowing for greater precision and adding more power to your shots.

Noise Control

Noise control is an essential feature to take into account, especially for indoor play. Many pickleball paddles come with noise-dampening materials or surfaces, which can reduce the noise level of your shots.

Vibration Dampening

Vibration dampening is crucial for reducing the impact of hard shots on your hand and wrist. Many high-end paddles come with advanced vibration-dampening technologies, making them more comfortable to use and reducing the risk of injury.


The weight of your pickleball paddle can influence your playing style, from power to control. Lighter paddles offer greater maneuverability and control, while heavier paddles provide more power and stability. It is essential to find the right balance that fits your style of play.

Surface Texture

The surface texture on your paddle can affect the amount of spin you can put on the ball. Some paddles come with a smooth surface, while others have patterns or textures that allow for greater spin and ball control.

Overall Durability

Pickleball paddles can endure a lot of wear and tear, especially during pro-level play. Choosing a paddle made of high-quality materials can ensure long-lasting durability and offer a better return on investment over time.

Popular Pickleball Paddles Used by Professional Players

Professional players have their pick when it comes to choosing the best pickleball paddles for their game. Here are some of the most popular paddles used by the pros:

BrandModelWeight (oz)Surface Area (in²)Price
EngageEncore Pro7.8-8.316 x 8Check Price On Amazon
PaddleTekTempest Wave Pro7.4-8.116 x 8Check Price On Amazon
JOOLA Ben JohnsHyperion CFS7.2-7.716 x 8Check Price On Amazon
ProKennexKinetic Pro Speed7.7-8.116 x 7.5Check Price On Amazon
GearboxGH77.9-8.316 x 8Check Price On Amazon

These paddles are equipped with unique features and technologies that enhance their performance.

For instance, the Encore Pro by Engage utilizes a unique fiber-blend technology that results in a larger sweet spot and increased spin. On the other hand, the Tempest Wave Pro by PaddleTek boasts a graphite surface and polymer core that offer improved control and maneuverability.

It is important to note that while these paddles have been vetted by professionals, they may not necessarily be the best fit for every player. Experimentation with different paddles is key to finding the one that best suits your style and skill level.

Choosing the Right Pickleball Paddle for Your Game

Choosing the right pickleball paddle can make a significant difference in your game. While professional players have their preferences, it’s essential to find a paddle that suits your playing style, skill level, and personal preferences.

Consider the following factors when choosing your pickleball paddle:

  • Paddle weight:The weight of your paddle affects your swing speed and maneuverability. Lighter paddles are easier to control and maneuver, while heavier paddles offer more power.
  • Paddle shape:Pickleball paddles come in various shapes, including traditional, elongated, and widebody. Each shape has its advantages, depending on your playing style.
  • Paddle grip:Your paddle grip affects how well you hold and control the paddle. It’s essential to choose a grip that feels comfortable in your hand and reduces slippage.
  • Sweet spot:The sweet spot is the area on the paddle that provides the most power and control. Larger sweet spots offer more forgiveness, but smaller sweet spots offer more precision.
  • Noise control:Pickleball paddles can produce significant noise, leading to distractions and disturbing other players. Consider a paddle with noise-reducing features if you play in quiet neighborhoods or indoor courts.
  • Vibration dampening:Some pickleball paddles come with built-in vibration dampening features that reduce the shock and discomfort caused by ball impact.

It’s recommended to choose a pickleball paddle that balances control, power, and maneuverability according to your playing style. Start with a paddle that feels comfortable, and adjust it as necessary to meet your specific needs.

Taking Your Game to the Next Level with Pro-Level Pickleball Paddles

Using a pro-level pickleball paddle can make a significant difference in your game. These paddles are specifically designed to meet the demands of professional players, offering enhanced control, power, and maneuverability to take your gameplay to new heights.

One of the critical benefits of using pro-level pickleball paddles is the level of precision and shot placement they provide. These paddles are constructed using premium materials and designed with advanced technology, allowing you to execute even the most technical shots with ease and confidence.

Pro-level paddles also offer more power, allowing you to hit shots harder than ever before. With increased power, you’ll be able to hit deeper and more aggressive shots, putting your opponents on the defensive and giving you an advantage on the court.

Another essential advantage of pro-level pickleball paddles is their impact on overall performance. These paddles are engineered for optimal balance and weight distribution, ensuring maximum control and maneuverability. With a pro-level paddle in hand, you’ll be able to move around the court with agility and speed, outmaneuvering your opponents and making strategic plays.

Tips for Adjusting to Your Pro-Level Pickleball Paddle

It’s important to note that using a pro-level pickleball paddle may come with an adjustment period. The paddle’s specific features and characteristics may be different from what you’re used to, requiring some time to acclimate to the new feel and responsiveness.

One tip for adjusting to your new paddle is to spend time practicing with it before taking it into a game. Start with some basic drills and gradually move on to more advanced practice scenarios to get a feel for the paddle’s performance capabilities.

Another tip is to pay attention to your grip on the paddle. Pro-level paddles are often designed with specific grip patterns, so make sure to hold the paddle correctly to get the most out of its performance.

Finally, be patient and stay positive. It may take some time to adjust to your new paddle fully, but with practice and persistence, you’ll be able to unlock all of its potential benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pickleball Paddles Used by Pros

As an aspiring professional pickleball player, you may have some questions about the paddles used by the pros. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: What specifications should I look for in a pickleball paddle used by pros?

A: The most important specifications to consider are weight, shape, grip, and surface texture. Look for a paddle that is lightweight yet still provides enough power and control. The shape of the paddle should be well-balanced and comfortable to hold. The grip, whether it is a cushioned or textured grip, should allow for a firm hold without slipping. The surface texture impacts how much spin you can generate on the ball.

Q: How do I take care of my pro-level pickleball paddle?

A: Proper care of your paddle is important to ensure it lasts long and performs well. After playing, wipe down the paddle with a clean, dry towel to remove any dirt or debris. Avoid exposing the paddle to extreme temperatures and keep it in a paddle cover when not in use.

Q: Can I use a pro-level pickleball paddle if I am a beginner or intermediate player?

A: While pro-level paddles are designed for the demands of high-level play, they can still be used by beginner or intermediate players. However, it is important to choose a paddle that matches your skill level and playing style to ensure the best performance.

Q: How do I adjust to using a new pro-level pickleball paddle?

A: It may take some time to adjust to a new pro-level paddle, especially if you are used to using a different paddle. Practice with the new paddle and focus on getting used to its weight, shape, grip, and surface texture. Experiment with different shots to see how the paddle responds.

Q: Are pro-level pickleball paddles worth the investment?

A: Investing in a pro-level pickleball paddle can significantly improve your game and increase your chances of success in high-level competitions. However, it is important to find a paddle that matches your skill level and playing style to ensure the best performance.

Q: What are some additional recommendations for aspiring professional players?

A: Keep practicing and playing as much as possible to improve your skills. Pay attention to your technique and form, and consider working with a coach or taking lessons to improve your game. Stay updated on the latest technology and equipment in the sport. And most importantly, have fun and enjoy playing pickleball!

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